AJL Reviews - Guidelines for Submitting Titles for Review

AJL News and Reviews - Guidelines for Submitting Titles for Review

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1. The AJL News and Reviews is a digital publication published 4 times a year (February, May, September and December) and is posted electronically to over 560 members (individuals and institutions) of the Association of Jewish Libraries. The main goal of this publication is to help the AJL members in their acquisition decision process.

2. The AJL News and Reviews accepts works in print or digital form, including Audio-Visual materials (CDs and DVDs). Topics covered include any aspect of Jewish life and culture of Jewish communities around the world. We also welcome works that deal with the State of Israel and Israeli culture. Most of the works we review are in English, Hebrew or Yiddish, but we accept works in any language! We only accept titles published during last or current year. Reissued titles are reviewed only if there is substantial change in the new edition.

3. Please note that it is the publisher’s responsibility to inform us if the copy sent to us for review is a pre-pub or a galley proof copy. This needs to be clear, as we must note it together with the review.

4. Please note that due to the voluntary nature of our practice (all of our reviewers are volunteers), we cannot guarantee that each and every work sent to us for review will indeed be reviewed. Our volunteer reviewers pick and choose the work or works that suit their interests, professional fields, and language skills. Our reviewers are AJL members -- librarians, teachers, professors, clergy, and other professionals who work in Jewish communities.

5. For adult reviews, please send 1 review copy to Daniel Scheide at the following address:

Daniel Scheide
S.E. Wimberly Library
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton , FL 33431-6424

6. For children & teen reviews, please send 2 review copies to Lisa Silverman at the following address:

Lisa Silverman
Jewish Library Services
12753 Tiara St.
Valley Village, CA 91607

7. If not already included on cover or within its container, it is advisable to send any additional bibliographic information about your work, such as ISBN, cost, and targeted age group (for children & teen works).

8. Review copies are not returned to the sender.

9. Please do not send duplicate copies to both Adult and Children co-editors! Titles will be reviewed either as an Adult OR Children book.

(Last update: August 6, 2019)