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The Bibliography Bank was created to facilitate the sharing of bibliographies on Judaic topics among AJL members and the public at large. All bibliographies included in the Bank are available as PDF files. They appear in date order, but can be rearranged by title, author, or age level by clicking on the various tabs. It is recommended that key word searches or subjects be searched in Search box. The recommendations made in these bibliographies are the opinions of the compilers, and not necessarily the views of AJL.

To submit a bibliography, please send a PDF file to Laura Schutzman at [email protected]

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Contributing Bibliographies

All bibliographies must be submitted by e-mail as an attachment in Microsoft Word or PDF format to Laura Schutzman at [email protected] Please follow these guidelines:

A bibliography must have at least ten titles.
Annotations are preferred.
Bibliographies should include standard bibliographic information: title, author, publisher, copyright, number of pages.
Bibliographies must be dated.
Please put your name and institution on the bibliography.
Please number the pages.

No editing will be done by AJL and AJL will not endorse the content of the bibliographies submitted. Multiple bibliographies are appreciated.