Conference Proceedings

The AJL Conference Proceedings (formerly the AJL Convention Proceedings) are a record of Judaica librarianship papers presented at the annual AJL conferences. All AJL conference speakers on Judaica librarianship topics are invited to submit their presentations for publication; all papers submitted are published. (Continuing Education Unit (CEU) presentations are not included because they are fee-based classes.) Submitted papers are not edited for content; responsibility for content lies solely with the author.

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The Table of Contents lists only the conference speakers who have submitted their papers for that year. For a complete list of all speakers, see the appendix.
Note:  People wishing to submit their papers to the online Proceedings are asked to follow the guidelines.

History of the AJL Proceedings


The AJL Proceedings were originally published from 1966-1980, and were suspended, until 1998, following the 15th annual AJL convention in 1980. A cumulative index to these Proceedings was published in 1981. A few print copies of these Proceedings are available for purchase from AJL Publications.

Publication of the AJL Proceedings resumed with the 33rd annual AJL convention in 1998. Print editions were published for the next three years and distributed free to AJL members at that time. Copies are still available of the Proceedings for the 1998 (Philadelphia, PA), 1999 (Boca Raton, FL), and 2000 (Washington, DC) conventions. The cost is $15 each and they may be ordered from AJL Publications.

Since 2001 the Proceedings have been published only on the AJL Web site. In 2012, following the decision to change the name of the AJL annual meeting from "convention" to "conference," the title Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries was changed to Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference of the Association of Jewish Libraries.

History of the AJL Conference

1966  Philadelphia, PA
1967  Boston, MA
1968  Cincinnati, OH
1969  Atlantic City, NJ
1970  New York, NY
1971  Jerusalem, Israel
1972  Toronto, ON, Canada
1973  Los Angeles, CA
1974  Chicago, IL
1975  Miami Beach, FL
1976  Montreal, QC, Canada
1977  Waltham, MA
1978  San Francisco, CA
1979  Cincinnati, OH
1980 Philadelphia, PA
1981  Liberty, NY
1982  Columbus, OH
1983  Long Beach, CA
1984  Atlanta, GA
1985  Cleveland, OH
1986  Montreal, QC, Canada
1987  Livingston, NJ
1988  Kansas City, MO
1989  Washington, DC
1990  Jerusalem, Israel
1991  Miami Beach, FL
1992  Los Angeles, CA
1993  New York, NY
1994  Atlanta, GA
1995  Chicago, IL
1996  Toronto, ON, Canada
1997  Cleveland, OH
1998  Philadelphia, PA
1999  Boca Raton, FL
2000  Washington, DC
2001  La Jolla, CA
2002  Denver, CO
2003  Toronto, ON, Canada
2004  Brooklyn, NY
2005  Oakland, CA
2006  Cambridge, MA
2007  Scottsdale, AZ
2008  Cleveland, OH
2009  Chicago, IL
2010  Seattle, WA
2011  Montreal, QC, Canada
2012  Pasadena, CA
2013  Houston, TX
2014  Las Vegas, NV
2015  Washington, DC
2016 Charleston, SC
2017 New York, NY
2018 Boston, MA
2019 Los Angeles (Woodland Hills), CA
2020 Online