Through the Window

Through the Window
The Association of Jewish Libraries invites diversity book bloggers, websites, and podcasts to participate in Through the Window: A Diversity Exchange. This initiative is designed to fight antisemitism and other forms of bias through education and allyship. Participating Jewish and non-Jewish websites are paired to swap guest posts. Text, audio, and video content providers are all welcome to participate.

What do you want others to know about your community? As a guest poster, you can educate the world, bust some myths, and share your pride with interviews, reading recommendations, book reviews, reading challenges, or other fun content. Then widen your audience’s world view by hosting your partner on your own site. Readers of both sites will learn about our common humanity as they look “through the window” at another marginalized culture. 


    1. Why is one participant in each pair Jewish?
      Jews are less than 2% of the US population, but are the target of nearly 60% of religious hate crimes. The Association of Jewish Libraries encourages the general population to get to know Jews in real life and through reading, in order to dispel myths and build empathy. “Through the Window” provides an opportunity for non-Jewish readers to meet Jews and learn about Jewish culture, while also helping Jews learn more about other marginalized cultures.

    2. What kind of content should I provide to my partner?
      Any kind of content that showcases your culture. AJL, being the leading authority on Judaic librarianship, encourages literary content, but participants should do what works best for them. Literary suggestions include: provide an interview, a book review, reading recommendations, a “state of the genre” report, a reading challenge, etc. Bloggers can interview each other, or can post interviews with authors in the respective genres. Contact us if you need help coming up with ideas.

    3. When do I post the content?
      Participants may choose their own publication dates in consultation with their partner. You do not have to post on the same date as your partner. However, for the sake of consistency, and because the number 18 is lucky in Jewish tradition (numerologically, it means “life”), we encourage all participants to post as close to the 18th of the month as possible. We'd like to have a pair post in every remaining month of 2020 if possible. As soon as you choose dates, let us know so that we can help you build buzz.

    4. How do I get started?
      Contact [email protected]. We will match you with a partner and find you a month during which to post; after that, it’s up to you to discuss your plans with your partner and exchange your content. We hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

    5. What happens next?
      On publication day, please provide us with the URL of your post so that we can promote it on social media. Afterwards, we’d like to hear how it went. Please share with us any stats or reader feedback, as well as your own response to the exchange. Thanks for participating!